The Illusion Factory

Akron's Only Professional Touring Theater Company For Children


The Illusion Factory 


Fall Theatre Classes


The Northwest Family Recreation Center

1730 Shatto Avenue

Akron, Ohio 44313


Saturdays Beginning September 20th  at $75 for 8 weeks


Ages 5-7 @ 10-11a.m.             Ages 8 and up @ 11-12p.m.


Ages 5-7:  An introductory class learning the art of theatre; students will develop their imagination and learn basic acting skills. This class offers lots of creative play and craft making.

Ages 8 and up: A more advanced class learning the art of theatre; students will begin building the foundation that all actors need, leaning how to use their bodies and voices to create a fully realized character.




                  Register today and make friends and lasting memories!

For more information call 330-376-5700 or contact us at